Boutique Vos

Boutique Vos is a small fashion store located in the city of Lutheria. It is currently managed by Josephina Lutz. The shop was originally established by Josephina's parents as a repair shop. After she took over the boutique, Josephina transformed it into a well-known high fashion store that offers hand-made clothing. The shop offers not only top-notch fashion but also clothes for people with a tighter budget, as well as donations to charities. Boutique Vos caters mostly to women, but also sells men's suits and furnishings.

Boutique Vos
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Helena Hahn
★ Aug 12, 1831
Occupation: Allround employee
Since: Mar 21, 1861
Helena Hahn was born on August 12, 1831. She lives with her husband Bernardus Lutz on the Lutz farm and works in her mother in law's fashion shop in the city of Lutheria.
Josephina Vos
★ Apr 27, 1790
Occupation: Tailor
Since: Apr 27, 1808
Josephina Elisabeth Maria Vos was born on April, 27th, 1790. She lives with her husband and family on the Lutz farm in Vöhren and owns a clothing shop in the city of Lutheria.


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